Boat Catch

Boat Catch is the latest in boat trailer accessories that makes retrieving and launching your boat simpler than ever. To make Boat Catch even better, it’s also the safest launch product on the market, helping keep you and your family safe throughout the entire launch process.

Using an innovative coupling system that helps your trailer and the bow of your boat form a quick release connection, Boat Catch cuts down the time it takes to retrieve your boat to only twenty seconds.

Installing Boat Catch Systems

When installed correctly, Boat Catch is safe and easy to use on any surface, including uneven boat ramps that can cause damage to other systems.

With over a decade of experience, the team at Steve’s Custom Welding are here to make sure your Boat Catch system is installed right. Using the highest quality installation tools we can add a Boat Catch system to almost any boat. We have the experience to get you back on the water quickly and easily, no matter the problem.

boat catch installationboat catch on boat

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